Lucas Albert
October 3rd, 2020

🎃 A spooky Discord bot

This project is convenient for people who want to get into open source and contribute to different projects especially during the Hacktoberfest.

Don't hesitate to ask me for help on my Discord server, I would help you with great pleasure!

What does he do?

For the moment, the bot reacts with emojis according to the words present in the messages. For example, if you send the following message: "I saw a ghost today", SpookyBot will add the reaction 👻 to the message.

SpookyBot react to every messages

Words list

Word Emoji
ghost 👻
halloween 🎃
candy 🍬
spooky a cute custom ghost

If you want to add some cute spooky terror on your server, feel free to invite SpookyBot on it!

What can I do?

Almost everything! Seriously, you can help me translate the robot into different languages or add new words and emojis to the list. Otherwise, you can help me add some cool commands to make the robot more fun to use!

How to contribute?

Nothing simpler, just follow the contribution guide on the GitHub repository.